New Installations – Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

For top quality equipment and upgrade advice, plus an expert installation, you can depend on Jack Rich, Inc.! We will also remove and properly discard any old equipment.

Heating Equipment

Becket BurnerJack Rich, Inc. offers only the best heating equipment to our customers from top brand names, such as Beckett, EFM and New Yorker – you can rely on for ultra-efficiency and overall safety. In fact, new heating equipment is so efficient that it burns nearly 100% clean, which saves you money and helps the environment. Modern equipment is also considerably smaller, so you save room, too!

We offer equipment from the following leading companies:

E.F.M (Electric Furnace Man): E.F.M is one of the oldest names in heating in the United States. E.F.M sells a wide variety of heating boilers and furnaces and related equipment for residential and small commercial applications. When you need “the finest in automatic heat” you can count on E.F.M.

Beckett: Beckett Burners have been the industry standard of retention head burners for many years. Founded in 1937, Beckett has been a leader in energy conservation through improved technology.

New Yorker Boiler: Established in the 1940s, New Yorker is known for its high quality, low cost, cast iron and steel boilers with DOE Heating Capacities ranging from 104 MBH to 1,008 MBH. These steel boilers are extremely energy-efficient and are economically designed for simple installation and service.


Cooling Equipment

Jack Rich Air ConditionersJack Rich, Inc. offers Hybrid Systems which provide zoned cooling and heating. In addition, a boiler application may also provide hydronic heat to ducted applications through the use of a hydro-air coil. With a boiler application, there are many different hybrid comfort systems that are possible. To find out more about our Hybrid Systems, call us today!

Want to be comfortable and cool all summer long? Jack Rich, Inc. offers cooling equipment from Gibson, which is known for its high efficiency, extra efficiency and ultra-high efficiency air conditioners.

Plumbing Equipment

Aquapex LogoAlthough copper is still the standard in domestic plumbing supply systems, flexible plumbing will become the standard in domestic plumbing within the next 10 years. As representatives of some of the best names in the business, we’re pleased to offer Aquapex® by Wirsbo – a clean, quiet and healthy plumbing system for your entire home. Unlike traditional copper plumbing, Aquapex uses flexible, durable tubing made from polyethylene that is corrosion- and freeze-resistant, and ensures a clean, easily flowing water supply at half the price. And it comes with a 25-year warranty when installed by one of our certified technicians.

We also offer a wide range of the finest plumbing equipment:

Gerber: Since 1932 Gerber has been a plumbing fixture company dedicated to style, performance and durability. With a variety of products, Gerber is known for its superior plumbing products.

Kohler: When it comes to plumbing, for over 130 years Kohler Co. has remained true to its original vision of creating products that are innovative. Unparalleled design has led to Kohler being a company with top quality products.

Moen: Moen, established in 1956, has introduced a wide range of consumer-preferred, stylish plumbing products – positioning itself as the number one plumbing brand, both in market share and in the minds of consumers.

Plumbing Logos

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