FuelCube Stationary Fuel Tanks

The FuelCube is our most compact and economical stationary fuel tank. It’s been field-proven for onsite supply and refueling in construction and distribution. Use of the FuelCube means no waiting for fuel deliveries, so you can enjoy zero downtime and smoother operations.

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FuelCube FCP250 Stationary

FuelCube - Stationary - FCP250

Capacity: 243 Gallons
Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 51 Inches
Weight (Tare/Gross): 926 – 2,957 LBS

FuelCube FCP500 Stationary

FuelCube - Stationary - FCP500

Capacity: 528 Gallons
Dimensions: 86 x 45 x 51 Inches
Weight (Tare/Gross): 1,512 – 5,922 LBS

FuelCube FCP1000 Stationary

FuelCube - Stationary - FCP1000

Capacity: 1,016 Gallons
Dimensions: 90 x 87 x 46 Inches
Weight (Tare/Gross): 2,760 – 11,239 LBS

On-site. On-Demand. Even in remote locations, the FuelCube guarantees a consistent, environmentally safe source of fuel, letting you run without interruption.

Designed to connect to equipment and dispense fuel at the same time, our sturdy FuelCube tanks gives you more flexibility and saves you valuable time. With four forklift pockets for mobility when empty, your tank can move with you, wherever and whenever you need it.

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