TransCube vs FuelCube – What’s The Difference?

TransCube Portable Fuel Tanks

TransCube Models: 132, 264, 528, 792, 1000, & 1240 gallon models

The TransCube is a transport-approved, double-walled fuel tank designed to provide on-demand fuel supply. Once in place, the TransCube can operate up to 3 pieces of equipment while dispensing fuel by manual or electric pump.

FuelCube Stationary Fuel Tanks

FuelCube Models: 250, 500, & 1000 gallon models

The FuelCube is a double-walled stationary fuel tank built for onsite equipment refueling and backup fuel supply. The FuelCube can be directly connected to one diesel-powered machine while dispensing fuel by manual or electric pump.

DOT Approved Safely Transportable Full Built to DOT Spec
Removable Inner Tank
Access Manway
Stackable Corner Brackets
Liftable Corner Brackets
4 Way Forklift Pockets 2 Way
Lockable Equipment Cabinet
1” Pump Feed
3 Sets Feed/Return Ports 1 Set
Contents Gauge Optional
Prop Arm
Spring-Assist Gas Struts
Secure Hose Access
NFPA- The National Fire Protection Association
UL 142 Listed for Fuel Storage
UN Certification
Transport Canada

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