TransCube Mobile Refueler Tanks

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient portable fuel tank, the TransCube Mobile Refueler is for you. As one of the world’s best trailer-mounted tanks, the TransCube Mobile Refueler is designed for travel on construction sites and between projects. This fuel trailer is the most reliable, environmentally secure solution for refueling machinery and equipment on the move.

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Mobile Refueler – H10TCG-EB

TransCube Mobile Refueler - H10TCG-EB

Capacity: 251 Gallons
Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 52 Inches
Weight (Tare/Gross): 1,190 – 3,178 LBS

Weight: 720 lbs
GVWR: 4,200 lbs
Brake: Electric
Hitch: Ball
# of Axles: 1
Length: 143.2 inches
Width: 75 inches
Height (Trailer Deck): 22.4 inches

Mobile Refueler – H20TCG-EB

TransCube Mobile Refueler - H20TCG-EB

Capacity: 552 Gallons
Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 52 Inches
Weight (Tare/Gross): 1,814 – 6,194 LBS

Weight: 1,214 lbs
GVWR: 7,480 lbs
Brake: Electric
Hitch: Ball
# of Axles: 2
Length: 165.2 inches
Width: 85 inches
Height (Trailer Deck): 20.5 inches

Mobile Refueler – H50TCG-EB

TransCube Mobile Refueler - H50TCG-EB

Capacity: 1,204 Gallons
Dimensions: 91 x 91 x 52 Inches
Weight (Tare/Gross): 3,703 – 14,550 LBS

Weight: 2,450 lbs
GVWR: 16,000 lbs
Brake: Electric
Hitch: Pintle
# of Axles: 2
Length: 173.3 inches
Width: 97 inches
Height (Trailer Deck): 39.2 inches

Rugged & Reliable Fuel Transportation. Mounted on a DOT-approved trailer, this double walled tank is tough.

The TransCube Mobile Refueler is designed to be towed to machinery, vehicles and generators and this fuel trailer provides fast mobile refueling, as well as secure on-site storage. It’s fitted with specified lighting, under-gear and a lockable equipment cabinet. They’re proven for use in construction and power generation, and popular in the rental market.

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