Heating & Cooling Maintenance
& Repair Service Plans

Levels Of Protection – HVAC Maintenace Service Contracts

All of Jack Rich, Inc.’s service contracts include the Jack Rich, Inc. 9-Point Heating System Tune-Up, which helps you save up to 10% on your annual heating costs! Preventive maintenance such as a tune-up increases equipment longevity.

Basic Tune-Up
  • Clean interior of heat exchanger, flue pipe and base of stack (if possible)
  • Replace oil filter cartridge, oil burner nozzle and air filter
  • Check combustion chamber
  • Clean electrodes and set proper gap
  • Check and test operating and safety controls
  • Check and lubricate motors
  • Check and adjust fan belt
  • Adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency
  • Perform an efficiency check

For more information on our Basic Tune-Up, please Click Here.

Total Comfort Plan

Total Comfort - Heating & CoolingThe Total Comfort Plan includes the Jack Rich, Inc. 9-Point Heating System Tune-Up, maintenance, emergency service, PLUS, parts and labor coverage.

Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Comfort Plan customers. If your heating system needs repairs after normal business hours give our office a call and we will take care of the rest.

Under the Total Comfort Plan if your boiler/furnace requires service, you are guaranteed coverage of 23 parts and the labor to replace them at no cost to you. The total replacement value for all covered parts is over $2,100!

The parts covered include:

  • Fan Motor (single speed) up to 1/3 hp
  • Limit Control
  • Ignition Leads
  • Draft Regulators
  • Smoke Pipe Assembly
  • Pressuretrol
  • Stack of Circulator Relay
  • Blast Tube & Air Cone
  • (1) Fuel Filter Replacement
  • Standard Thermostat
  • Fan Control
  • (1) Set Air Filters
  • Nozzle
  • Transformer
  • Cad Cell & Relay
  • Fuel Pump & Filter Cartridge
  • Fan Belt
  • Electrodes

For the following parts we offer allowances toward repair:

  • Oil-Fired Boiler Replacement – $200 Allowance
  • A/C System Replacement – $100 Allowance
  • Oil-Fired Warm Air Furnace Replacement – $200 Allowance
  • Triple Aquastat Replacement – $50 Allowance
  • Hot Water Heater or Burner Replacement – $25 Allowance

For more information about our Total Comfort Plan contract, Click Here.